The Event Girl was created with one unwavering purpose in mind: to help people.

To live out that purpose, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving, caring and creating unforgettable experiences.

With this guiding ethos firmly in mind, The Event Girl has set out to craft beautifully memorable days and moments, providing thousands of people over the years with impeccably facilitated events. From grazing options, and quality hirage to weddings and corporate events, we have what it takes to pull off a flawless event.

After many years and thousands of events, we came to understand that all of our clients are seeking an easy way to make their events happen, without having to compromise on quality.

But even more than that, we learned that they’re really looking for someone they can trust. Someone who can provide solutions, remove obstacles and ensure that their event remains stress-free.

That’s what sparks the team at The Event Girl: being able to create flawless, hassle-free and unforgettable events for our clients and our community.

Choosing a wedding planner is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your wedding planning journey so knowing a little bit more about who is helping you make it happen is essential! 
We asked Rebekah the hard-hitting questions about being a wedding planner.

What’s your best piece of advice for a future bride?

None of your guests knows what your perfect day looks like, so if something is missing or not there they won’t notice.

Take time during the day to just sit and soak it all in because it all ends so quickly. The memories last much longer than the day itself.

What’s your star sign?

Cancer, I feel like I draw on my compassionate and empathic side to truly understand my bride’s wedding dreams.

What’s your favourite kind of cocktail?

Cosmopolitan, because why not?

What part of the wedding process do you love the most?”

“I love the moment when you get to see someone’s ultimate vision come to life, after all the conversations and planning, seeing the final product is amazing!”

How would you describe your communication style?

I like to think I’m honest, and caring but also a very practical communicator.

What do you wish brides knew about the wedding planning process?

Most of our brides are doing this for the first time, and this is all a new crazy experience for them, but I wish most brides knew how much easier your day goes when you are working with someone who has years of experience! We have seen it all and we have done it all, so we can anticipate things you had never thought of and ensure there are no issues on the day.

What’s the most magical moment of a wedding?

I love the speeches, they are this moment where everyone in the wedding shares in the memories that the bride and groom have built together. It’s a wonderful moment of togetherness.