Creating your unforgettable experience

What can a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner can remove the stress and time pressures that often come with organising something as meaningful and unique as your wedding. They can provide start-to-finish advice and management so that you can enjoy the perfect day that you always imagined without getting distracted by pesky details or on-the-day dramas! The Event Girl specialises in planning unforgettable weddings for brides and grooms who are looking to plan an amazing day that is free of stress for everyone involved.

Is a wedding planner worth it?

If you are a busy bride with a full schedule but you know that you want your wedding day to be something truly special, contracting a wedding planner is one hundred per cent worth it! The Event Girl knows that a wedding planner’s role is to come up with solutions and remove obstacles at every stage of the planning and execution process!

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone has all of the little (and big) details sorted for you is immeasurable! We can guarantee you won’t regret getting the extra help and advice.

What things do I need to consider for my wedding?

Besides being the happiest day of your life, there are a lot of other expectations that come along with planning your special day! Some of the biggest things to take into consideration are:

The time of the year

Your location

Your venue

Your food (everyone remembers the food)!

Your family dynamics and of course the aesthetic that you want to achieve on the day.

Planning a wedding can easily become a job within itself and if organising and communicating every single detail doesn’t sound like fun to you, someone like The Event Girl can help you out with the planning, styling and execution of your big day.

Is it cheaper to hire a wedding planner than not?

Even though having a wedding planner can seem like a luxury option, many people underestimate how much time and money it costs to DIY your wedding! Often your wedding planners have insider knowledge and supplier relationships can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you could put to better use elsewhere!

At The Event Girl, we know how many hours go into planning a flawless day and we make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time and energy on little details when you should be enjoying the lead-up to your big day!

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone has all of the little (and big) details sorted for you is immeasurable! We can guarantee you won’t regret getting the extra help and advice.

What kind of events do you do?

The Event Girl specialises in flawlessly executed weddings and beautiful engaging corporate events. We have worked with a wide range of high-end clients from sporting personalities to national parliament events and everything in between! Our goal with every event is to create unforgettable moments of joy and happiness. We have decades of experience crafting seamless and professional events in both the private and the corporate space and we’d like to think there isn’t much we can’t pull off!

What can I hire from the Event Girl?

The Event Girl has everything you could possibly need for creating a beautiful wedding day, we have a comprehensive range of:



Dining & Servewear


Archways and backdrops

Flooring and centrepieces!

You can pick and choose to suit your particular needs or choose from one of our convenient hire packages that take all the hard work out of it!

How do I choose a wedding planner?

When considering who to choose as your wedding planner it’s important to look at:

How many years they have been in the industry. What their past brides have to say about them and also how well they know the area you plan to be married in. The team at The Event Girl has decades of experience in the event management industry and we so passionate about creating flawless, unique weddings that can live in your memories forever!

What does a wedding planner actually do?

To put it simply a wedding planner takes care of all the things you don’t want to do! They take responsibility for everything that is time-consuming or stressful so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest. This can include everything from:

Liaising with your venue and helping you with your seating plan to making sure that everyone runs to schedule and there are no technical issues throughout the day. At The Event Girl, we like to think that we are experts in solving problems before they even exist, and that is the magic of having an event planner on your side.

Can I just hire my wedding decor without a planner?

Hiring all of your wedding linen, furniture and centrepieces and then styling them yourself is a great cost-effective option! At The Event Girl, you can hire individual items as and when you need them or you can explore our wedding hire packages that take all the guesswork out of planning and organising the essential items for your big day.

Can someone manage my corporate event?

Corporate event requirements range greatly in size, involvement, management and set-up, and we are experts in facilitating them all! The Event Girl specialises in creativity and flexibility when it comes to collaborating with our corporate clients to create a beautiful and flawless event that people will be talking about for years! We are available for event management work all across the North Island with bases in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

What do wedding planners charge?

The cost of a wedding planner varies greatly depending on their experience, your location and your wedding requirements. If you want your planner to manage everything about your wedding from start to finish hours and experience required are significantly more than if you just want some support and advice on the big decisions. At The Event Girl, we offer a comprehensive range of packages starting from $1500 and finishing with ‘the sky is the limit’!

Best way to get organised for your wedding?

The best way to get organised for your wedding day is to understand your unique priorities and plan your day around them! Are you a foodie, spend time with potential caterers and craft a menu that is unique to you. Do you love flowers? Spend time researching unique and bespoke florists who are passionate about your aesthetic. Most importantly find an expert who will help you bring everything together without too much stress or fuss. The Event Girl specialises in understanding your unique priorities and helping you plan a day that is your very own brand of perfect.

How to plan a stress-free wedding?

The best way to plan for a stress-free wedding is to not plan it at all! The Event Girl offers wedding planning packages that range from support and advice all the way to comprehensive organisation and execution. For many brides the stress of planning and organising a day that they are meant to be enjoying can overshadow the job of the experience, we know that with the right help and advice your wedding can be both beautiful and stress-free, all it takes is a little experience, guidance and organisation.

Can I hire a wedding planner package?

Yes, you absolutely can! Choosing a wedding planner package is a great way to receive the help and support you want while still managing the budget for your wedding. The Event Girl offers a range of packages starting from only $1500 and ranging up to ‘everything your heart desires, we love working with our brides on planning and executing a wedding that focuses on what they find special and important, so that you can look back on your big day with no regrets only happiness!

What does The Event Girl do?

The Event Girl specialises in organising, managing and executing flawless weddings and corporate events for people all across New Zealand.

Do you just want to hire your wedding items? We can take care of that as well with a comprehensive range of furniture, linen, flooring, lighting and so much more! We are also masters of balloon art, think luxury arches, displays and photo walls as well as customised signage.

What regions can you cover?

The Event Girl can work across the entire North Island but most of our clients are based in the Auckland region as well as Tauranga, Hamilton and South Waikato. We are always happy to meet our clients in new locations and design events around all the unique and wonderful regions of New Zealand!